Friday, January 29, 2010

Try this at home.

Hello my lovelies... Today I'am feeling a little down, maybe not down but, stressed, stressed is a better word. Anyways. I decided to keep moving ahead and get straight into chapter 3! This chapter is called...
"Try this at home"
The introduction to this chapter made me laugh because it describes the type of person I've always wanted to be... "We've all seen her. You know the type. Her hair is never out of place-or, if it is, then it's artfully tousled just so. Her brows have that sleek arch to them. Her eye makeup is always sultry, feminine, and chic. She's Ms. Perfect. We kind of hate her, but even more than that, we want to know exactly how she does it."
I've always felt like I was never quite pulled together enough. It's always bothered me, but now as I get older (22 haha) I feel like I'm coming into my own and feeling more comfortable in my own skin. It's a great feeling and I want everyone to experience it. I think that's why I love makeup and fashion so much is because whether people want to admit it or not, when you look good you feel good!
If I had to choose one person that I really look up to and who I feel always looks put together I would choose Kim Kardashian. Her style is one I really admire and her hair and makeup are always on point!
Anyways this chapter tells different ways you can achieve "daunting beauty feats and classic makeup looks you've always wanted to try." You will learn how to wear red lipstick and keep it on, how to give yourself a salon-style blowout, how to achieve the perfect smokey eye, and the always scary, how to apply fake eyelashes! In addition to the above the book will tell you how to shape your eyebrows. This to me is the most important thing on a face. Eyebrows anchor the face and if they are groomed it will make your whole look go down the drain. The book suggests using an eyebrow stencil, but, to be honest... all of the eyebrow stencils I have ever bought were terrible and extremely hard to work with, so I use my own method which I will tell you about below...
Although shaping your eyebrows might seem really scary, the good thing about it is usually, once you do it the first time, (as long as you keep up with them) then you won't have to do it again.

What you need:
Stick (ie-end of makeup brush, thin and long)
White eye pencil
eyebrow brush/comb
scissors (small)
First, you need to sit infront of a mirror in a well lit environment, preferrably a mirror where you can see your face up close. Basically the trick to finding your shape is playing connect the dots. What you are going to do is get your "stick" and put it on the side of your nose, keep it straight up and mark with your white eye pencil where that line falls, if you have hair outside of that line, you will need to tweeze that away (not yet) and if the hair is on the inside of that line then you may need to consider letting that hair grow back. Next get that pencil and from that same point on your nose, look straight ahead and tilt it to where it is on the outside of the colored part of your eye, (that is the arch) mark that point with your pencil. Next, from that same point on your nose tilt the pencil to where it is on the outer corner of your eye, mark that point (this is the end of your brow) Next you will connect the 3 dots drawing a line from dot 1 to dot 2 to dot 3. This will be your eye brow shape, any hair below that white line should be tweezed away. After you are done tweezing next you will get you brow brush or comb and brush your eyebrows up away from your eye, trim away excess hair. Trimming your brows is essential to getting that polished look, just be careful to not trim anything other than what is sticking above your eyebrows.
Good luck, you're gonna love your new brows!!!
(Sorry there are no pictures for this blog, the picture function was not working for some reason!)

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