Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Faking It

So on to chapter 2 we go...
I was going to wait a week to do this chapter but I needed a break from school work and nothing relaxes me more than talking about beauty! Lol.
So anyways, this chapter is called "Faking It"
As one would probably guess, this chapter covers various ways you can fake an attribute that you may not have (and who doesnt love that?!) It talks about how to fake long legs, fake 8 hours of amazing sleep, fake a gorgeous glow, and even how to fake plump lips! We could all use a little help in these areas but my favorite is faking high cheek bones. Right now I'm totally obsessed with contouring and this definetly helped me in my quest for a more defined face.
The books version of creating high cheek bones is pretty much exactly the same as mine, so I will tell you how to do it below!
The first thing to know when it comes to contouring is that "lightness brings out and darkness draws in." That means the areas on your face that you want more prominent you want to highlight, such as the top of your cheek bones and on the brow bone, by highlighting "light will reflect off that area and lift it up."
When I'm countouring my face I use MAC Blunt, you should use a powder that is a couple shades darker than your skin tone (I know in the picture it seems a little dark but it goes on beautifully.) I don't reccomend using a blush or bronzer with any sort of shimmer in it because when contouring it is supposed to look as natural as possible and having shiny cheeks in NOT natural, so use a matte color (in addition shimmer enhances pores, and we don't want that!)

You are applying the powder to the hallows of your cheek so to apply you want to suck in your cheeks. Next you'll sweep the powder from the ear down toward the mouth, don't go all the way to the mouth, you should end below the apples of the cheeks.

Next, I pick a blush, (whatever color I'm feeling like that day) depending on your skin tone will determine what blush you should use, right now I use Coralista from Benefit. The book suggests a baby pink blush, but baby pink won't show up on my skin all that well, it shows up more white than pink, so you be the judge of that. This blush should be applied to the apples of your cheeks. One point that the book stresses and that I stress is BLENDING! You want this to look very natural and as if you are truly blessed with the wonderful cheek bones, so blend blend blend!

Last but not least, I highlight. I use a highlighter that has no color just shine (if that makes any sense.) I sweep this color right above the apples of my cheeks, over my brow bone, down my nose, and on my cupids bow (right above my top lip.)
The amazing thing about contouring is that you can contour anything! It's basically pain free plastic surgery and much much cheaper. In additon to my cheek bones I like to countour my nose to make it appear smaller and my chin to make it more prominent.
The picture to the right is NOT how face contouring should look, haha, the colors on this face are more intense to show you exactly where the darker colors should go and where the lighter colors should go, If you need to contour all of the parts on your face then feel free, but don't feel obligated to do so if there is no need. The number one rule to mastering face contouring is practice. Once you contour your face once you will wonder how you ever lived with out it before! While contouring you can go as simple or dramatic as you want, so have fun and contour away!!

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