Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My favorite makeup look EVER!...

When it comes to makeup everyone has their favorite look. So when my sister asked me to do her makeup for a wedding I thought "aha... favorite look time!" What is my favorite look you ask?...

A grey smoky eye with a pop of color and a pink lip. Most people like to pair smoky eyes with a nude lip but I like to liven it up with a pink lip, why not right? I think smoky is very sultry and and sexy but the pink lip adds a touch of beauty and softness to an otherwise edgy look. Top it of with a flush cheek and OHMAHGAWD!!!


Yes, I have been watching too much Rachel Zoe Project, hehe...

Anyways, here it is, my sister in all her glory. Let me tell you, when I show people this picture they say, "who is that?" I love that she is so glammed up that no one can recognize her! I did her hair as well, it's super easy and WAY red carpet! Sort of a romantic modern retro look. I love it.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Michelle Williams & Ryan Gosling Cover W Magazine

I absolutely love this picture. Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling are 2 of my most favorite actors. Both have been in extremely popular movies but I love them for their more un-known roles.
 My favorite Michelle Williams move would have to be a film called "I'm not there." I'm not there is a movie about Bob Dylan's life, it's a very... confusing movie. In this movie 6 actors depict different facets of Bob Dylan's life, Michelle Williams plays Coco Rivington , a "representation of Andy Warhol 'it girl' Edie Sedgwick." I think I have never seen Michelle more beautiful in any other movie than she was in this movie.
Ryan Gosling, of course starred along side Rachel McAdams in The Notebook. We have all seen and I'm sure love this movie but my favorite Ryan Gosling movie is called "Lars and the Real Girl. In this movie Ryan plays an extremely shy and awkward man named Lars who strikes up a relationship with a doll he ordered off the internet. Basically the people of the town thinks he is crazy and delusional but go along with it because Lars is such a sweet natured, good guy. The relationship with the doll is not sexual at all, it's deeper then that, I think he is using the doll as a way to come out of his shell because before he never established a relationship with anyone in the town. I love movies where actors go outside of the box and play roles that are not expected of them. "Lars and the Real Girl" is that movie for Ryan Gosling.
Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling are starring alongside each other in a new movie called "Blue Valentine." I'm beyond excited to see 2 of my favorite actors share the big screen together. In promotion for that new movie Michelle and Ryan covered W Magazine. Pictures Below.


Hello ladies and gents... Last night I was lucky enough to attend the Paramore concert! Actually it was the Honda Civic Tour with Kadawatha, New Found Glory, Tegan & Sara and of course Paramore. It was one of the best shows I have ever been to. I danced, screamed, sang, and basically rocked out to one (some) of the best bands ever. Now I bet you are wondering what this post has to do with beauty or fashion but actually it has everything to do with it...
To be completely honest, I don't like going to concerts. I'm always scared of being disappointed by the show and the performers and like the "luster" of who I'm seeing will be diminished if they don't live up to my "expectations." I had NONE of these fears when I bought the tickets to the Paramore show. Being somewhat of a review freak I had to get online and watch some videos of Paramore live, and let me tell you... it was the deciding factor. Not one video was bad, every single one I seen Hayley (the lead singer of Paramore) gave her all, every single show she gave 100% and I thought wow... that's amazing.
Now Hayley is not a conventional beauty. (This is where the beauty & fashion part come in) She has bright red... orange... yellow... who knows ;) hair, she is not a long legged bombshell nor does she have curves for days but she, up on that stage, was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Just her passion for the music, what she was doing, and her ability to be herself was amazing. She was where she wanted to be, doing what she loved to do,& wearing what made her comfortable. That to me, is a beautiful person. 
The point of this post is to encourage you to be more like Hayley. Wear what you want, put on the makeup you like, dance around, sing, laugh, be yourself even if it's not what everyone thinks is acceptable. That is what is beautiful. 

(I will upload my own pictures from the concert once I get my computer back, enjoy these for now)