Sunday, January 17, 2010

I hate acne!

I'm not exactly sure of the time that I developed acne, or even the reason why the annoying little guys would randomly pop up on my face. What I do know was that it was after I turned 20 and that I have NEVER had acne before. I never even had to wear makeup before because my skin was flawless, and then all of a sudden I started breaking out all on my cheeks, forehead, and chin. I can sort of pin point it down to the time that I became a vegetarian, I dont even think it was the not eating meat that caused the acne, I think it was the sudden and drastic change in diet that caused the acne. Either way, I, like many other people struggling with acne have tried EVERYTHING! I have tried proactiv, cosmedicine, clinique, regular drug store brands and nothing worked. I was so discouraged because I was not used to seeing all these blemishes and I litterally did not want to be seen by anyone.

In a last ditch effort I tried the Philosophy brand, and I was so impressed! Within a week the majority of my acne had cleared up, and not only that, the scars my acne had caused had been lightened or erased completely! I used 2 different kinds of Philosophy kits, the first one I used was the kit specifically for acne called "On a clear day."
This kit was great, it comes with the oil free foaming acne wash, an all over acne treatment, a spot treatment, and a retinol lotion. I loved this kit but It was a little much for my skin, and my acne wasn't severe so it was a little harsh and it dried out my skin. But it did get rid of the pimples, and if you have moderate to sever acne, I would suggest this kit for you. After I ran out of this kit I did a little research and found the advanced makeup optional kit.

I preffered this kit over the othe because it comes with an exfoliant wash and a moisturizer, which the other kit was lacking. In addition it comes with the Purity face wash, the "Help Me" retinol night treatment and the "When hope is not enough" lifting serum (because it's never to early for anti-aging). These 5 products combined will do amazing things for your skin!
To get an in depth explanation of each of these products and their purposes or to order either of these 2 kits please
Hope this has helped in your hunt for beautiful skin! If you have any questions please ask in the comment box below.


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