Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Ultimate Guide to Makeup, Skin, and Hair...

About a week ago I was on and noticed there was a link to reccomended books if you want to become a makeup artist, there were many amazing books but being a beginner I decided to start off slow, so I decided to buy the Sephora:The Ultimate guide to makeup, skin and hair from the Beauty Authority. The book is about 200 pages long so it's not something I can read in one sitting but I thought it would be fun if I gave an overview of the chapter and my take on what the "beauty authority" had to say...

Today we are starting off with...

Chapter 1: "What is Beauty?"

I feel this topic is a wonderful way to start off this book, beauty is something that is not easily defined but in this chapter some of the most well know names in the industry give their take on what they think beauty is. Two of my favorites quotes are from Cristina Carlino, founder of Philosophy (my favorite skin care brand) and Jean Ford, co-founder of Benefit (an amazing cosmetics brand.)

"Beauty is as beauty does. We're remembered not by what we looked like, but how we behaved and changed the lives of others."

-Cristina Carlino Founder of Philosophy

"Beauty is a state of mind. What's beautiful to one person isn't necessarily to another. Beauty stops you in your tracks. Engages your eyes. Away from the ordinary to the extraordinary."
-Jean Ford Co-Founder of Benefit Cosmetics

I agree with both of these women because I believe that everyone has their own idea of beauty, whether it be a beautiful face or a beautiful soul, or both. I find that individuality and confidence are 2 things that make a person beautiful. The only catch for me is that the 2 must work together in harmony because their are plenty of confident people who are not individual, yet I have yet to find a person who is individual that lacks confidence, because it takes confidence to stand out from the rest.

Makeup for me is away to not only feel beautiful but a way for me to help others feel beautiful.

What is your idea of beauty?...
Next Chapter: Faking it.

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