Friday, February 26, 2010

Quick Fixes

Have you ever just had one of those days... one of those days where nothing goes right, from work to love, and makeup to hair... Well, yesterday was one of those days! I have been sick for... going on three days now, I was off of work yesterday and like so many foolish sick people, thought going out would help me to feel better. NO. I was wrong, today I feel worse, lol, but, like I said before, I just could not get anything to go right yesterday, my hair was wrecked, I fell asleep with a towel on my head and I looked like a lion, then I put this shine spray on my hair that made it look like I didn't even bathe at all, THEN, I was trying to do my makeup, messed up my liquid eyeliner and then decided screw it and got a makeup remover wipe and just started completely over!... exhausting!
The moral of the story? This next Chapter is called "Quick Fixes"
And lo and behold, this chapter actually covers...
The Problem: Hair product overdose
The Fix: If the product is an oil based product, ie: serum, styling cream, pomade, shine spray, etc. and you over-applied onto dry hair, douse the spot with baby powder or a dry shampoo. If you have used too much hairspray or gel, the best thing to do is to zap it with blow-dryer heat. TIP: If you see smoke, don't be alarmed; it's just the product burning off.
Who woulda guessed???
There wasn't a tip on how to fix over applied liner, and I do think my hasty move to just take all my makeup off was because I was sick and fed up. A moist wipe to the lid would have been suffice.
Another cool section in this chapter?
Double Agent Quick Fixes
  • Toilet paper instead of blotting paper
  • Nail polish to prevent a run in your stocking
  • Toothbrush as an eyebrow groomer
  • Hair conditioner as shaving cream
  • Match book cover as a nail file
  • Brow tint to cover grays or as a root touch up
  • Powder on roots of hair to absorb grease
  • Hand lotion to fight frizzies
The Quick Fix chapter is full of interesting ways to solve everyday beauty dillemas such as "foundation face," clumpy mascara, and caked on concealer.

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