Monday, May 17, 2010

Deals and Steals

“If you can, you will quickly find that the greatest rate of return you will earn is on your own personal spending. Being a smart shopper is the first step to getting rich.”

- Mark Cuban

I'm am forever on a hunt for deals and steals... Sometimes I find them, other times they find me. For me it's not the product I buy but how much I saved buying it. Haha, I'm not sure if that is good or bad. It's a good thing as long as you 1. Never sacrifice quality for price and 2. Never buy just because it is on sale (which I'am guilty of quite often). BUT as long as you can stick to those 2 rules then shop away! I'm a firm believer in shopping freely as long as you search for the best price, make sure their isn't a coupon offered or some sort of discount. I do this so much so that I consider myself an expert and even wrote a speech and put together a power point presentation for my B&P communications class (that's Business & Professional for those who don't know.) Now that is hardcore! LOL :)
So today I will impart some of my shopping wisdom on you...

Designer brands at a fraction of the cost:
The 4 sites listed above are all exclusive members only sites that offer designer and luxury brands at up to %80 percent off the cost. I'm talking Juicy purses for way less then 100 bucks and those BCBG heels you been dying for wayyyy cheap! You do have to sign up for these sites to be able to shop but let me tell you, it'll be the best 60 seconds you ever spent!

Discount Codes:
If i'm shopping on line then it is not without a discount code! There are tons of places to find these little gems and we all know shopping online you need to save money to compensate for shipping costs... UNLESS you find a code for free shipping!
Some of my favorite sites to find discount codes are:
These sites make it so easy to save money, just go to the site and search whatever website you are shopping at. The site will then tell you all the codes out there and their "success rate" which means if the code worked or not when people tried to use it. One time while shopping on I got a hoodie and a perfume set for like $13.00 including shipping all because of 2 codes I found on!!!
Another website I love to check out is I'am a subscriber to the magazine People Style Watch and in there is a tear out page that has select websites that offer discounts (usually 20%) to People Style Watch readers. BUT you don't have to be a subscriber to take advantage of these discount! If you go onto and click the link that says "SHOPPING", scroll down and find the link that says "EXCLUSIVE DEALS."
There you will find about 15 to 20 different stores that are offering discounts to YOU!

Another AMAZING thing I just discovered is on one of my favorite places to shop's website...
I know that you all LOVE Forever 21!
Recently while browsing their website I discovered (at the bottom of the page BARELY noticeable) a link that said "Daily 21 Specials" this link will take you to a page that has 21 items at 20% off! The fun thing about this is that these items change daily!
So it's something new everyday!
Check out to check out these specials!

Well it's about 5 am and I'am OFFICIALLY exhausted! I hope this post will help you to save money! If you know of any other great sites that I don't have listed please let me know!

Happy shopping! xoxo Daniela

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