Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good and Bad Makeup

The difference between good and bad makeup...
More is not always better and less is not always more, it really just depends on the person and what suits them best. Sometimes when putting on makeup, the more I put on the less I like it, makeup should bring out and emphasize your better qualities and in some cases mask and hide your not so good qualities, lol. Below I will show you some examples of the good, the bad, and the downright UGLY!
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Example number 1: Leighton Meester
I love love love Leighton Meester, she is GORG! She is one of the very lucky girls that does not need a heap of makeup to help a sista out!
Leighton is the PERFECT example that too much makeup can ruin a pretty girl's face. Normally apurple smoky eye would bring out brown eyes, and alone, I'm sure it would have had that effect, but with the added gold and the bright red lip, it is just TOO much!

For some girls the less is more motto does not always work, some ladies look amazing and downright glamorous in full on makeup, this brings us to...
Example Number 2: Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian is someone I admire for her ability to look completely pulled together at ALL times, whether it be at the airport, leaving the gym, or on the red carpet, homegirl is ALWAYS fierce! (and to be completely honest, I prefer Kim in a full on makeup look)
I couldn't bring myself to call the picture of her without makeup "the ugly," us girls gotta stick together and I know I look a lil scurry without makeup too! Haha
Anyways, you must admit, Kim looks amazing in a full on makeup look, but unlike Leighton, Kim knows to focus on one area at a time, meaning if she has a full eye (which is 99% of the time) then she goes for a nude lip.

Finally, there is the girl we all love to hate... the girl who looks good no matta what! She can go glamor and wear heavy makeup like Kim or she can tone it down and emphasize her natural beauty a la Leighton... Which brings us to...

Example Number 3: Kristen Stewart
Honestly, in my opinion, this girl can do no wrong! She looks good in makeup on the red carpet but she looks just as good walking around in her jeans and t shirt with no makeup at all! In fact one of my biggest complaints about New Moon was all the makeup they put on her, in Twilight her face was so natural and pretty and in New Moon you could tell they used A LOT of makeup to make her look"natural." Haha, Anyways...

Kristen Stewart's look is so versatile and she can pull off anything! The key is to know what colors look good together. Although she does a heavy eye and lip, the smoky black does not compete with the red. In addition, the sea blue/green shadow compliments the coral/pink lipstick.

I hope this helps you find the perfect look for you!

...all of the photos are courtesy of JUSTJARED.COM...
The site is amazing if you want large high quality photos for makeup and hair inspiration!!!

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