Monday, October 25, 2010

My makeup storage!

As a makeup artist I have a ridiculous amount of makeup... it's not as bad as some people but definitely worse than others! Haha, for a while I didn't have so much that I couldn't keep it all laid out on my makeup desk but in the blink of an eye I literally had covered my WHOLE desk with cosmetics! I didn't know what I did have or where half of what I knew I had was. Finally I decided enough is enough and made the trip to IKEA to find the perfect storage solution to my problem. I walked around for a while and found a few things that would work but all of them were free standing dressers or cubes with bins, the problem I have with those is that I don't like my makeup to be out of reach. I don't want to have to get up and walk to a dresser type set-up to get my makeup each time, I wanted it on my desk but contained enough to where it wasn't taking too much space. Finally, walking through the kids section (which I always avoid! haha, I always skip it through the little skip doorways) my mom said hey, will this work? Sitting there, hung on the wall was this frame with 6 pull drawer bins. It's meant to be hung on the wall but fits ever so perfectly on my desk! I'm in love with it, only problem is I might need one more, haha. The bins weren't so deep that stuff would get lost at the bottom but they were big enough to hold what I had (for the most part.) I will post the video below so you can kind of see my set-up and I will post the links if you want to find out about how to get this storage system!
Happy Storage!!!

Storage Bins
Storage Frame

BTW- My frame is white, not the natural wood color, also the bins can be purchased in other colors, but white worked best for me!
xoxo Daniela

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